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What Our Users Say

Every day, thousands of people depend on Goodable to stay positive and informed about all the good things happening in the world.

Join thousands of celebrities, athletes, politicians who all say 'Enough is Enough.' It's time for more good news.

  • Jody brimacombe
    Jody Brimacombe

    "Goodable and coffee are 98% of the reason I'm excited to get out of bed in the morning."

  • Jenny tremblay
    Jenny Tremblay

    "Goodable is my happy place."

  • Chris freeman
    Don Wolford

    "You are the break I need from the endless noise of doomscrolling."

  • Justin hier
    Justin Hier

    "Coming across your stories always makes my day. Sometimes, as you well know, it's the little things that mean the most. Thank you for never giving up on the world."

Our Numbers at a Glance

Goodable has become one of the fastest-growing news platforms on social media.

Join the movement.

  • 851,000
    Fans & Followers
  • 91M+
    Peak Monthly Audience
  • 200M+
    Videos Viewed
  • 38,000
    Physical Venues
  • 20,000
    App Downloads
  • 100+

Fixing the News

No more Fear

Turn on the news and here’s what you’ll see: Earthquakes, floods, politics, and a daily dose of misery and anger. 

At Goodable, we’re changing the rules. 

No more fear. No more negativity. We make the news fun and inspiring. Every day. 

Join the network everyone’s talking about, from celebrities to world leaders who all say enough is enough: It’s time to make the world more Goodable. 

How It Works

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    Let Us Do the Work

    We use proprietary AI technology to search through thousands of news sources every day. We remove all the negativity and fear-mongering, identifying the best stories designed to make you happier and calmer.

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    We Dig Deeper

    Our team of journalists digs deeper, identifying facts and filtering for any editorial biases. We then optimize every story for three goals: To help you sleep better, feel better, and perform better.

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    Be Empowered

    We deliver the world's best news stories to your fingertips, via our mobile app, newsletter, social media feeds, podcasts, and SMS community.

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    Join the Community!

    The Goodable App gives you a loving, supportive community to post and share your own good news, plus a customized news feed that helps you fight depression and anxiety.


Our Editorial Values

We take goodness seriously. We follow recognized standards for journalism such as those laid out by the Society of Professional Journalists. These are the principles that guide our decisions every day. 

  • We Don't Take Sides

    At Goodable, we don't take sides. The only side we're on is goodness. 

  • Goodness Can Be Anywhere

    We believe goodness can happen anywhere, anytime, and by anyone. 

  • Inspire Others

    The news doesn't have to be boring. It can be fun and inspiring.

  • Truth Matters

    We live by a simple 3x rule: Verify, verify, verify.

  • Goodness Matters

    Goodable isn't just a name. It's a verb.

  • Journalism Matters

    The best journalism exists to make the world better. We take that responsibility seriously.

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