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Goodable loves teachers! To help make your day a little bit easier, we've launched Goodable in the Classroom. It includes a weekly good news roundup, printable student worksheets, trivia, and discussion prompts. The best part? It's 100% free.

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At Goodable, we believe that students deserve more tools to stay positive — now more than ever. We've built Goodable in the Classroom for them, offering weekly good news designed to uplift and inspire, with every student in mind.

  • Inspiring Stories

    Every week, Goodable in the Classroom includes five verified, positive news stories designed to inspire your students.

  • Printable worksheets

    Each story comes with a printable classroom worksheet to help foster discussion and engagement among your students.

  • Referral Rewards

    Every time you refer your friends and colleagues to Goodable, you can earn exciting rewards for your classroom.

  • Student Spotlight

    We feature amazing student accomplishments every week. Our next feature could be your very own classroom. 

  • Easy to Read

    Every issue of Goodable in the Classroom comes with the ability to download and print stories in PDF format

"I wish I had signed up sooner! I love the weekly resource and the ability to incorporate the stories into my curriculum."

Adele Dominicus, Middle School Math Teacher

"My class does one goodable article a day! We really enjoy that it's interesting content, at a reading level they can them the ability to see that the world isn't all bad, is phenomenal."

Rachel, Elementary School Teacher

"I've amplified my morning meditation with uplifting pieces of news. Completely replaced scrolling on Twitter and has made me feel much happier in the morning. Love positive news on climate as well.

Ryan Roberts, Goodable User

"Coming across your stories always makes my day. Sometimes, as you well know, it's the little things that mean the most. Thank you for never giving up on the world."

Justin Hier, Goodable Fan

"Positive articles from a variety of different sources and a wide range of topics. Always something engaging and positive to read."

@dmann30, Goodable User

"So much work has gone into this, from a great team of journalists who care about making the world better. Goodable is a breath of freshly air."

@simpleballers, Goodable User

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