Find Hope and Inspiration with These Top 5 Sites for Positive News

published on 26 January 2023

by Goodable Staff


Do you want to find a source of inspiration and positivity in your daily life? Are you tired of constantly being bombarded with negative news and stories? Look no further! Here are the top 5 sites for positive news

1. The Happy Broadcast

The Happy Broadcast is a website and newsletter that offers uplifting and feel-good stories in the form of easy to read cartoons, visuals, and infographics.

They also have a newsletter and a robust presence on social media (hint - you’ve probably seen their graphics shared on other sites before). Their goal is to put a smile on your face everyday, and give readers the tools they need to live a more wholesome, stress-free life. With a focus on positivity and hope, The Happy Broadcast is a great source of inspiration and joy. They even have a podcast. 

2. Positive News

Positive News is exactly what it sounds like - a media organization that focuses on telling stories about people and communities making a positive impact in the world. Their articles cover a wide range of topics, including sustainability, social justice, and innovation. Unlike the others on this list, there are two things that distinguish Positive News from the rest.

First, they’re based on Europe, so you’ll get a good dose of good things happening in European countries.

Second, they’re bucking the digital-only trend by publishing an actual printed magazine. We think it’s quite good. Positive News is dedicated to providing a balanced and hopeful perspective on the world, shining a light on the good that is happening all around us. 

3. Upworthy

Upworthy is the OG of feel good websites. They write and publish compelling, inspiring content. To use a basketball analogy, they’re like the Lebron James - getting older, wiser, and still able to perform at a high level. Bonus: They’re social media game is ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

Their mission is to spread ideas and stories that matter and make a positive impact on the world. From personal stories of triumph to global initiatives making a difference, Upworthy is a source of hope and inspiration. And although we’ve never met them in person, their social media team is truly world class.

4. Buitengebieden

OK, this one isn’t technically a website. It’s a Twitter account based somewhere in the Netherlands. Buitengebieden has been pumping out positive content for several years. The focus isn’t really on news, it’s more about cute cats, animals, and people doing nice things. But hey let’s face it. Social media can be a cesspool at times.

If you need an account to follow, start with Goodable. If you need a second, Buitengebieden is your guy.

5. Goodable

Goodable is a website that provides its readers with the most uplifting and positive stories from around the world. From heartwarming human interest stories to scientific breakthroughs and acts of kindness, Goodable has it all. In addition to our website, Goodable also offers a news app for easy access to their positive stories on the go.

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The positive news app curates news from around the world, in near real-time, creating a newsfeed based on your personal interests. When breaking good news happens, we’ll even send you a customized push notification. Think of it like the antidote to all the negative news push alerts you normally receive (you know, the ones that usually make you scared or anxious) The best part? Goodable has a 5-star rating on both Google Play and Apple’s app store.


There you have it - the top five websites or accounts for positive news. Start your day off on a positive note by visiting one of these positive news websites and filling your mind with good news and uplifting stories. Whether you prefer to read about global issues or personal triumphs, these websites have something for everyone. So why wait? Start reading positive news today and brighten your day!

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