Introducing: the Goodable Awards

updated on 30 January 2023

by Goodable Staff

Drumroll, please.

If you look back at 2022, many of the memorable news headlines were negative, from Covid to conflicts in different parts of the world.  If you look deeper, beyond the headlines we’re fed by algorithmic platforms, you’ll see that the world did, in fact, get better in immeasurable ways.  Some examples:  the Ozone continues to heal, the Great Barrier Reef is returning to life, and in several parts of the world, wildlife is thriving.

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The year was also filled with incredible people who helped make the world better.  They’re newsmakers who shared, gave, donated, discovered, helped, saved, and did whatever they could to help others - without asking for anything in return.  

We think they should be honoured and celebrated so without further ado, here are the first annual Goodable Awards – celebrating the best, happiest, and cutest moments of the year.

Goodable Giver of the Year 

Who else but the Queen of Giving, Dolly Parton?  Some people know her as a country music legend, or perhaps as an accomplished artist who has appeared in 17 films during her career. 

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But unlike many other celebrities, Dolly has consistently used her platform and her wealth to help others.  In 2022 alone, she:

  • Donated $1M to infectious disease research
  • Launched a program at her theme park, Dollywood Parks and Resorts, that pays all higher education costs for her employees
  • Launched a doggie clothing line and promptly announced she would donate all proceeds to animal rescue charities
  • Given away millions of free books through her Imagination Library program, which provides free books to children, starting in kindergarten, as a way to improve childhood literacy.

The Bravest Pup Award

Patron is a Ukrainian service dog whose job is to detect explosives.  This year, he identified hundreds of bombs before they went off, saving thousands of lives. For his work, he was even awarded a medal from the President of Ukraine.

The tiny Jack Russell has become a symbol of strength across the country, and has even inspired an outpouring of fan-art and tributes.

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He’s not just a good boy - he’s the Goodest.

Person of the Year 

When there are people in need of food, you can be assured that Chef Jose Andres and his World Central Kitchen will be there to help.

In the past year, he deployed a tiny army of volunteers to Ukraine to help prepare fresh meals for those affected by the conflict, and still managed to find time to deploy teams to Pakistan to assist with feeding the hungry after the country’s devastating floods.  

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Over and over again, Chef Jose Andres has proven that nothing will stop him from helping those in need.  In 2022 alone, World Central Kitchen served 195 million meals around the world.

The Best Teacher Award

We all know that teachers are real-life superheroes, but this year, third-grade Miss Fitzpatrick at HTS Georgetown also became a school legend.  The former college basketball superstar promised her whole class hot chocolate if she could make a shot in the school’s playground.  What happened next?

She walked up – and with a calm swagger that would even give Steph Curry a run for his money, she drained it.

Best Teacher Ever.

Best Image Award

In a year filled with incredible images from outer space, nothing could top what NASA revealed through its new James Webb Telescope.  The telescope gives astronomers the ability to look back further in time than any other telescope, giving scientists a glimpse of what life was like immediately after the Big Bang.  

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Of all its photos, none were as powerful or captivating or as iconic “Pillars of Creation.”  The image shows stars forming within dense clouds of gas and dust.

It’s out of this world – literally.

The Best Best Man

We’ve all seen our share of beautiful weddings, but this one is the hands down winner for cutest reaction ever.  When 2-year-old Pierson saw his mom walk down the aisle, he couldn’t hold back his awe.

(Warning: you’re gonna need tissues for this one)

Best Ice Cream Award

Canadian company Chapman’s has been serving up incredible ice cream while also helping others.  In fairness, it’s nothing new for the family owned operation, which has been a pillar of its community for decades.  Once, when a fire tore through their factory, they continued to pay their staff even while the factory was being renovated.  In 2022 alone, thy have

  • Donated their own ice cream freezers to store covid vaccines
  • Sent 1,600 first aid kits to Ukraine
  • Rented a building and turned it into housing for Ukrainian refugees
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And in case you’re wondering, the ice cream is ridiculously good.

The Most Fun Sports Team

The Bucks, Rams, and Avalanche  all had great years - but nobody has as much fun as the Savannah Bananas.  The Georgia baseball team is known for its fun antics on the field, always giving fans a game to remember – regardless of the score.  They might even win the award for best dance moves, too.

Most Helpful App Award

Imagine being able to tap a button and help someone on the other side of the planet.

With HelpAll Social, you can.  Think of them like Uber for helping others.  The concept for the new app is simple.  When someone needs help, like groceries or medicine they can’t get in their hometown, they click a button and an alert goes out to everyone in their network.  Those who get the alert can see it and respond.  Unlike other apps, there’s no monetary transaction that takes place.  Instead, it’s all about sending items, help, or even a kind word to someone in need.

They’re going places - and you can join them.

Best Halftime Performance

This year, the Indiana Pacers teamed up with the humane society to showcase puppies who were up for adoption during the halftime break.

It didn’t go quite as planned… but it still led to the cutest halftime performance you’ll ever see.  And yes, even Chris Evans, aka Captain America, a true dog lover, shared the video online.

The Epic Game Winner Award

Let’s face it.  Life can be tough.  If you ever need proof that miracles happen, look no further than 8th grader Cooper Thorson.  With three seconds left on the clock and his team trailing by one, he grabbed a rebound off a missed free throw.  What happened next is incredible. As Damian Lillard might say, he’s got ice-water in his veins.  It’s the shot every kid dreams of.

Best Reunion Award

After giving birth, mama chimp Mahale was separated from her baby when he had to be taken to the hospital for oxygen.  She hadn’t seen him in two days, and didn’t know what had happened to him.  When her baby was healthy, they brought him back to the zoo.

This is the moment they were reunited.

Best Halloween Costume Award

No one loves hockey more than Canadians, and this award shows why.

Five-year-old Easton has a genetic disorder and uses a wheelchair, so his parents built him a special Halloween costume so he could enjoy the day just like the other kids.  It’s called a Zamboni, which is Canadian-esque for “the machine that cleans the ice during hockey game.”

Keep shredding that ice, young fella!


Best Distraction During a Live TV Performance

Kenyan journalist Alvin Kaunda was reporting live when a baby elephant standing behind him decided he had something to add to the report.  Alvin managed to keep reporting – until the end, when he couldn’t contain his laughter anymore.

It’s the best news report we saw this year.

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