Look for the Helpers: 9 Verified Organizations Providing Aid to Turkey & Syria

published on 06 February 2023

by Goodable Staff

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"Look for the helpers."

That's the advice Mister Rogers used to give to children when they saw scary news on television. In Turkey, the good news is that you don't need to look very far. Within hours of the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake, dozens of nations immediately pledged their support. Some have sent international teams who specialize in rescuing people trapped in rubble. Others are sending search teams and K-9 units.

Here is a list of Goodable verified organizations that are mobilizing resources to help victims, directly on the ground. As journalists, we have worked directly with some of them and can attest to the work they do during times of crisis:

1. Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders is one of the many organizations quickly responding to the disaster. Their teams in Syria and Turkey are providing medical attention to those injured and distributing health supplies. You can support them here.

2. World Food Program

The United Nations World Food Programme has constant aid efforts on the ground in Turkey and Syria which are being ramped up in the aftermath of the earthquakes. The WFP also serves as the primary logistics arm of the United Nations in emergency situations. Donations can be made here.

3. Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps is a global team of humanitarians working on the front lines of crisis, and is currently responding to the tragedy in North West Syria. You can donate here.


The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund and partners are on the ground assessing the current situation and humanitarian needs in the both Turkey and Syria. They are currently focusing on assessing impact on main water stations and providing water to those displaced, providing aid to separated or unaccompanied children, giving food to those in need, and assessing damages in schools. You can donate to UNICEF here.

5. Oxfam

Oxfam is a British-founded confederation of 21 charitable organizations "focusing on the alleviation of global poverty." They have immediately mobilized teams on the ground helping victims and survivors of the devastating earthquakes. You can help their efforts here.

6. LaunchGood

LaunchGood, a crowdfunding platform that focuses on helping Muslim communities around the world, has set up several fundraisers to help those affected by the earthquake. This fundraiser in partnership with Mercy USA for Aid and Development is nearly halfway to raising its goal of $100,000.


The AKUT Search and Rescue Association is an entirely voluntary, non-governmental organization involved in searching, assisting, and rescuing all who require aid in natural disasters and all other emergency conditions. It is one of the biggest search and rescue organizations in Turkey. You can donate to AKUT here.

8. Turkish Red Crescent

The Turkish Red Crescent is the largest humanitarian organization in Turkey and part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. They are providing shelter, food, health aid, medical aid, and social services to those in need. You can donate here.

9. World Central Kitchen

The World Central Kitchen provides meals to those in need during times of war, tragedy, and natural disasters. This morning they announced they would be mobilizing a team to start operations on the ground in Turkey to help survivors of the earthquakes. You can support World Central Kitchen here

10. Syrian Red Crescent

The Syrian Red Crescent is the International Federation of Red Cross and and Red Crescent's chapter in Syria, and has long been performing humanitarian work in the country. Since the earthquake, they have been supporting search and rescue operations, providing first aid, performing emergency medical evacuations and transporting injured people to the hospitals. You can support them here.

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